#5 October 2011

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The Time of Ecologically Clean Productions

Today the problem of processing of domestic and industrial waste is becoming more and more urgent in Kazakhstan. From year to year the dust mountains are threateningly growing on the dumps around our cities. Not less troubled situation arises also in the industry with thousand tons of waste thrown out annually in the surrounding environment by the enterprises of the oil and gas sector, and construction, chemical and metallurgy industries. It is impossible to solve this problem by the efforts of only one state. Its word should say the businesses. We wish to acquaint our readers with one of the pioneers in the field of processing of domestic and industrial waste the company New Technology Neftechimmash.

New Technology Neftechimmash was formed recently, in 2009. It has united the specialists across Kazakhstan involved in processing of secondary raw materials and production of needy products in the market. The company is one of the first producers in the republic in this area. New Technology Neftechimmash processes tires, glass, plastic, garbage and oil, and this renders a beneficial effect on the ecology, because a great amount of waste are thrown out or burnt annually causing an irreversible damage to the environment.

The problem of processing and utilization of secondary raw materials is of important economic and environmental significance. Everybody is aware of it. Nevertheless, it has not solved yet. There is a continuous accumulation of worn out tires, glass, used plastic, etc. At best, only about 20 % of the whole amount of waste is processed. New Technology Neftechimmash is the first company in Kazakhstan to start to solve this problem.

The company consists of two divisions production base of the project group which is located in Almaty, and the trade house in Astana. At present, the production base is transferred from Almaty to the Aktyubinsk region (?lga).

Certainly, as a new company just entering the market, it had complexities at the stage of organising manufacture in terms of finance, qualified personnel selection, etc., but they have been successfully overcome and today the company is confidently gaining strength. After the enterprise has started to release stuffing boxes and filters and successfully executed the contract obligations, resources appeared for installing a line for processing some solid domestic waste. In the nearest plans is the launching of the line for finished goods made of rubber crumb and PET granules.

The company has also other direction of activity. Already in the first years it has commissioned a plant on production of filtering elements, stuffing boxes and spirally twisted gaskets widely claimed by many enterprises. Initially, there were many difficulties, primarily, with the selection of competent specialists, the purchase of qualitative raw materials and so forth, but they were overcome quickly. Also, an important role in the success of new production was allocated to the plants good designing and building of an efficient financial model of finished goods marketing. The company had a particular aim, and it was achieved by means of competent distribution of labour and financial resources by the administrative board.

Already today the company is ready to offer its consumers a wide range of products:

= filtering elements of different kinds;

= spirally twisted gaskets;

= stuffing boxes for the oil and gas and chemical industry.

Among the consumers of Neftechimmashs products are the companies of various size and possibilities, ranging from the leading enterprises in the oil and gas and chemical industries to the small, family firms. Each client is long-awaited with a special approach given to all of them.

Being a Kazakhstan producer, the company guarantees the release and delivery of qualitative products and protection against fakes. The company strives to consider all the requests and demands of permanent clients in advance and to release their time and resources so that they could focus on their primary activity. The company is always ready to offer an optimal solution of any task set by the client. Today the consumers of Neftechimmashs products are such enterprises as the thermal power station in the western region, divisions of CNPC, ?ktobemunaigas, etc.

How it was possible to organise complex processing of various secondary raw materials? The companys employees explain that initially a strategic direction was processing of various kinds of waste at one enterprise. This problem was solved thanks to advanced machine and equipment which were installed in workshops, for example, a new industrial line on processing of worn out motor tires. As a result, rubber crumbs are received which then can be used for manufacture of diversified products. Rubber crumbs can be used by the enterprises which are producing paving slab, safe running and walking tracks, materials for covering the childrens playgrounds. Productivity of crushing tires line is 250-300 kg of raw materials per hour. Neftechimmash plans to introduce production of finished goods directly at the enterprise.

The second direction is processing of glass and glass breakage. For this purpose the company is successfully using equipment on processing of glass and receiving an abrasive of it, in particular, crushers DN-1100.

These crushers are also applied to crush waste of plastic, rubber and wood. They crush vegetative materials of various hardness to prepare them for further processing in the more fine crushing devices (planetary, centrifugal-elliptic mills, etc.).

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